No challenge, just a very productive month. But is it really positive for you to post daily? Let’s find out.

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Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

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Your Title Is Everything — Get Clickbait-ey

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual shtick. I’m a mental health nurse, and that’s what I mainly write about because it’s what I know, I’m good at it, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others.

My doctor explained this new trend to me and why so many people are doing it

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Let’s learn a thing or two about stoicism and self-discipline in just 10 steps

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1. First you need a purpose

What is the purpose? Marcus Aurelius describes it in a very simple way: something you were created for…

Every new Internet writer’s big dilemma briefly solved

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95% of you who are trying to lose weight are doing this wrong

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Yes, I’m talking to you

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12 months of great lessons summed up in a 4 minute read

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