No challenge, just a very productive month. But is it really positive for you to post daily? Let’s find out.

I did it. I finally did. But at what cost?

The 30-day challenges on Medium are very popular, I personally recommend participating. Although, this is not a post about how it went for me.

For me, August was not a 30-day challenge. It was actually May, and I already wrote…

When I started on Medium I was a young writer full of energy, ambitions, and dreams. I remember those days as if they were only 10 months ago.

Wait… they WERE 10 months ago.

If you’ve been following us for a while and have read our bio, you know that…

Anxiety disorders are the most prominent psychiatric disorder in the world, with which more than 264 million people live according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the World Health Organization.

Anxiety is supposed to be our friend because it is an adaptive response that allows us to…

Five simple rules to get your articles to go supernova!

Your Title Is Everything — Get Clickbait-ey

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual shtick. I’m a mental health nurse, and that’s what I mainly write about because it’s what I know, I’m good at it, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I just needed to hear 4 little words

When we are young, we feel like we have to make the decisions that will lead us to who we should be. However, we don’t even know who we are yet.

Would you let an 18-year old make vital decisions for your life? Neither do I!

Not even if that…

Expectations can ruin anything, don’t let them ruin your process

Do you want to start taking care of your mental health but you are not completely sure? You may have heard many misleading stories, there are many misconceptions about what mental health is.

No matter how much time you put into it or how much you want it, working on…

Less skilled writers have more views than you thanks to these tools

Medium isn’t always a fair place, being a good writer doesn’t guarantee you many views or claps. It’s a game in which the most skilled does not always win, but the one who plays the smartest.

This is about strategy and discipline. Maybe you don’t have the numbers you expect…

Before being a successful entrepreneur you must behave like one first

You are working towards financial freedom, but you feel like the universe is plotting against you. They don’t pay you enough for your job. All landlords set crazy high rents; the money just isn’t enough for you. Maybe you should do a little introspection. …

Don’t ruin what you achieved with your headline and subtitle with a lousy start

In the anatomy of a good article, we cannot forget the vital first paragraph. You have 10 seconds to convince the reader to stay. And if you want to know how to achieve it, read to the end.

There is a lot of talk about having a killer headline in…

A good headline gets attention, but a good subtitle gets the click

We are always talking about the importance of headlines, because yes, they are very important. However, we care a lot about them and completely forget about the subtitles.

We spend all day thinking about the best headline that will guarantee us thousands of views. …


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