Anxiety disorders are the most prominent psychiatric disorder in the world, with which more than 264 million people live according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the World Health Organization.

Anxiety is supposed to be our friend because it is an adaptive response that allows us to predict and deal with potential danger; however, it is still unknown precisely why it exceeds the intensity of our external stimuli and morphs into a pathological foe.

Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

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Five simple rules to get your articles to go supernova!

Your Title Is Everything — Get Clickbait-ey

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual shtick. I’m a mental health nurse, and that’s what I mainly write about because it’s what I know, I’m good at it, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Starting Medium was more of a way to get eyes on my blog. You see, I am the editor of Mindsmatter a blog focusing on mental health, we want to end the nasty stigmatization people with mental illness are subjected to. So we thought (we here means me, and my…

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In mid-April, I came across David Majister’s post proposing a challenge in which you must post for 30 days without fail for a month.

That is bananas! — I said.

And at that very moment, I knew I was going to try.

Here I am, I completed it and the results totally exceeded my expectations with this challenge. May was my best month BY FAR, I had never gained so many followers and my revenue skyrocketed (it couldn’t be lower lol). And most of all, it’s been the month I’ve had the most fun on Medium since I started.

How was May for me


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If you use Instagram frequently and spend a lot of time on social media, you probably know who the Kardashian/Jenner are. You know, the billionaire sisters whose names all start with K. Yeah, those. If you already know them, you probably saw the Khloe Kardashian leaked photos, and if not, you may be imagining some images in her birthday outfit without her consent, but no, they are just photos in a bikini.

Why would that be a leaked photo? You may wonder. Well, because those photos have not been edited like the ones we usually see. …

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Vaccination campaigns in the United States and around the world have started a few weeks ago, however, many still wonder, are Covid vaccines safe?

Although millions have managed to be successfully vaccinated without any problems, the media seems more interested in showing fake news about the possible side effects of vaccines. This is causing fear and even more disbelief as if we just couldn’t get enough of anti-vaxxers.

Why, although we NEED for at least 70% of the world’s population to be vaccinated, do traditional media spread fear about it? Will the Pfizer vaccine really alter my DNA? …

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Have you ever wondered why Hollywood studios are trying harder and harder to integrate casts with greater racial diversity? Not only ethnicity, but minority representation in film has also been a hot topic in the world of entertainment. Many still do not fully understand why, others believe that it is only a question of marketing and that the large studios only fulfill one agenda.

Hollywood’s lack of representation is not a new problem, it is actually an issue as old as its very foundation. It may be that if you are a white person, all this conversation already overwhelms you…

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He achieved what all of us here are surely looking for; he became a millionaire, invested in various sources of income, and retired. Do you want to feel even more jealous? He made it at age 30!

Grant Sabatier is one of the most popular members of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) in the United States. He raised more than 1 million dollars and invested almost 80% of it.

Unlike many “self-made millionaires,” he did not come from a wealthy family. …

Former NFL player Phillip Adams shot 6, killed 5, and then himself a few weeks ago. After so many cases of aggression perpetrated by football players, people are beginning to question the effect of violence in sports on people’s mental health.

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Although sports have been used as aggressive behavior treatments, after cases like Adams’s, they become targets for the public eye. Professionals are looking for a link between these acts and the violence in sports that the aggressors practice. …

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What is happening in the United States so that people have had to start marching in the streets promoting the #StopAsianHate hashtag?

Since the pandemic outbreak due to Covid last year, there has been a worrying rise in Asian hate crimes, some that look like tales from horror movies. But is the situation really that bad?

Yes, it is, quite a bit. From shouting, insults, and harassment in the street to physical attacks and even murders. …


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