Anxiety disorders are the most prominent psychiatric disorder in the world, with which more than 264 million people live according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the World Health Organization.

Anxiety is supposed to be our friend because it is an adaptive response that allows us to predict and deal with potential danger; however, it is still unknown precisely why it exceeds the intensity of our external stimuli and morphs into a pathological foe.

Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

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Five simple rules to get your articles to go supernova!

Your Title Is Everything — Get Clickbait-ey

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my usual shtick. I’m a mental health nurse, and that’s what I mainly write about because it’s what I know, I’m good at it, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Starting Medium was more of a way to get eyes on my blog. You see, I am the editor of Mindsmatter a blog focusing on mental health, we want to end the nasty stigmatization people with mental illness are subjected to. So we thought (we here means me, and my…

Why the super-successful get depressed…

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Remember when we were shocked every time we heard on the news that a wealthy celebrity was struggling with mental illness? Like Demi Lovato struggling with eating disorders or Adrés Iniesta, the millionaire soccer player was dealing with depression.

They have money; why would they have depression?

The dichotomy of millionaires and mental health has started to become more blurred in recent years, mostly because it’s been discussed more often, and the taboo of talking about mental illness has started to lose its sting (thankfully). Take a bow, internet. You did good! This has led…

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I know there are many freelancing gurus on the internet claiming that they have the keys to success. Although I do not deny that they can have a lot of useful information for everyone who wants to work independently, the best freelancing tips can only be given to you by someone who knows the real STRUGGLES of this world.

I did not look for freelancing, freelancing looked for me.

Maybe I don’t have a book on freelancing for beginners, maybe I didn’t found Tesla or have millions in my account. But you know what I can claim to be an…

Unleash your full potential

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Nature continually shows us how change is the only constant factor. In the cycle of life, the seasons, day and night, everything is in motion, in an endless dance of life and rebirth.

If we know that everything around us is changing, from your cute little garden to the expansive and quite scary universe, why oppose it? Spirituality is about accepting how everything works, yes, but it doesn’t mean you should be stubborn about it.

Just turn on your TV or read the news: it is easy to see how the world is continually changing: wars, terrorism, climate change, corruption…

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When it comes to productivity and writing tips, there is an idea that quickly comes to mind: increase the number of words written per day.

For beginning writers, being productive means writing a lot, writing more and more. Hence the obsession with setting writing quotas and trying to get out as many articles as is humanely possible. Although this process makes sense when trying to write a book; which has a finite amount of words, when trying to laucnh a writing career, this method will only lead to the dreaded burnout, so what should I do oh wise one? I…

I'm so glad that you liked the piece! Thank you for your insightful commment :)

Learn To Do It Right

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Your psychologist may not tell you this, but you are probably your own worst enemy. Positive affirmations are a self-help technique that can help you gain confidence, validate yourself, and prevent you from sabotaging yourself.

Many times we look for words of encouragement and motivation in others, however, that store is not always open. But do you know who is always there to give you all the support you need? That’s right, yourself. So you guys better start liking each other.

Self-improvement is possible through professional help, forming habits and constant work, but there are tips that you can use…

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When you imagine a leader what do you think of? I’ll give you a minute…

Imposing perhaps?

Someone who just commands the room, charismatic, obviously, and with that aura, that almost magnetic energy?

Well, guess what? That is simply the image of leadership that has been to sold us for years, which although it is not entirely wrong, can be a very harmful concept.

Thanks to this misconception, we introverts tend to believe that we do not have leadership skills, because we are not naturally loud and vocal. …


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